SNM strives to be a leading contributor to society in terms of energy-saving and environmental protection by providing steam turbine and pump products and services.          

The outstanding features of SNM product is its reliability due to its efficiency, tailor-made design and strict quality control during production. Abiding by the API standards, SNM have obtained Certificate to Registration of ISO 90001-2000. SNM also have obtained Environmental Management System Certificate of ISO 1401-2004 / JIS Q 14001:2004. Our customers can testify the quality and durability of SNM pumps and Steam Turbine.



Power Generation Steam Turbines/Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

SNM Steam Turbine is advanced, reliable, and proven technologies customized for today's applications. SNM’s small- and medium-size steam turbines have a distinguished record of worldwide installation, as well as a reputation for excellence as high-efficiency, independent power-generation turbines, energy-saving turbines, and compressor mechanical-drive turbines. (insert picture). For more details, please visit our Product Page.


Process Pump

SNM Process Pump is a distinctive combination of technologies for evolving industrial needs. Systematically responding to the needs of today's rapidly changing world of industry, SNM leverages established technologies and decades of experience to provide an optimized combination of leading-edge products. (insert picture) For more details, please visit our Product Page.

In order to best serve SNM customers, we provide quality after sales services, which proves to be one of the most important services to the customers.


After Sales Service

We value after sales service as one of the most important factors in serving our clients. Shin Nippon Machinery's engineering team is not only responsible for installing or commissioning the units, but also training the client’s operating team members to make sure they can run the machines properly.

As our commitment to give the best after sales service to our customers, we also provide our customers with Caravan Service. It is a regular Shin Nippon Machinery engineers visit to our customers directly at working sites, free of charge, to check should there be any works that needs to be done. The main purpose of caravan service is to check the minor problems that customers are experiencing and at the same time to answer any questions the clients may have regarding SNM units and to provide advices and recommendations on the operation of the units.

If you would like to book a Caravan Service, please contact us





EXERGY is the developers, engineers and producers of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, with the innovative, pioneering Radial Outflow Turbine. ORC systems are used for power production from renewable energy sources, including biomass, solar, geothermal energy and waste heat recovery. They perform with greater efficiency and flexibility than traditional Rankine cycle and operate under diverse conditions.


EXERGY undertake the development and manufacturing process of the ORC turbine and plant internally. The ORC is the best solution when the enthalpy level of the heat source is low, or if the size of the application is too small for a steam power plant to be the most efficient solution. The plant configuration & thermodynamic principles at its basis are the same, but the ORC advantages are based on the differing thermodynamic properties of the single organic fluid. The fluid is chosen to best fit the heat source, thus obtaining higher efficiencies.


EXERGY are a subsidiary of Italian group SECI - Maccaferri Industrial Group , sitting within the SECI S.p.A holding. SECI has an annual turnover of €1.4b with 4,800 employees across the globe.