With turbine exhaust pressure a vacuum, the condensing multistage turbine is a high-efficiency, high output model capable of fully converting the thermal energy of steam to velocity, without loss.

Subject to the number of stages chosen, the nozzle, blade, rotor discs, shaft and components are fully standardized and have been engineered to fit easily to and model. SNM has a comprehensive inventory of standardized components, stock controlled to ensure prompt and reliable supply.



Model Information

  • Model : C9
  • Power Output : up to 50 MW
  • Turbine speed : up to 4900 rpm
  • Inlet pressure : up to 13 MPaG
  • Inlet temperature : up to 550°C
  • Exhaust pressure : Condensing
  • Exhaust nozzle : Down or upper exhaust
  • Multiple extraction / admission
  • Controlled extraction     : up to 2
  • Geared drive to 1500 or 1800 rpm generator
  • Baseplate under turbine for easy installation