Design Feature

Model RTH The model RTH is horizontal, axially split, two stage, single or double suction, double volute,centerline support, between bearings process pump.

The RTH is suitable for low NPSH, large capacity and middle pressure application.

Heavy duty construction is in full compliance with API 11th edition.

Seal chamber Seal chamber dimensions are in full compliance with API682 and API610 standards. Dual seals can be installed with our standard seal chamber dimension.

Easy maintenance Overhaul can be carried out without disturbing main pipings and driver. Jack bolt is furnished at rabbeted fit area in order to prevent obstruction of disassembly by sticking .

Long bearing life Double volute casing design and double suction impeller design or opposite impeller stage arrangement produce pumps with optimum radial and axial forces balance. This ensures smooth operation and long bearing life.

Low vibration Full circular construction of bearing housing and optimum clearance design minimizes vibration of pump.

Minimal variety of spare parts By standardizing our horizontal, between bearings pumps,replacement parts are interchangeable and can be provided with little or no lead time.


  • Max. flow rate up to 2000m3/h
  • Max. differential Head up to 650 m
  • Max. operation temperature up to 200 ºC