Design Feature

Model SIW The model SIW is single stage, closed single suction, volute type, line shaft, vertically suspended pumps.

No mechanical shaft seal type pump can be provided.(Model SIWN) -Mechanical seal is not required for this model, so initial and maintenance cost can be saved. This model is suitable for non-hazardous and non-flammable service.

Semi-open impeller pump can be provided.(Model SIWO) SIW is suitable for wet pit application and pit drainage application, etc.

Heavy duty construction is in full compliance with API 11th edition.

Seal chamber Seal chamber dimensions are in full compliance with API682 and API610 standards. Dual seals can be installed with our standard seal chamber dimension.

Easy to start and operation The pumps are usually under flooded suction, therefore ensure the elimination of priming and air handling problems.

Easy maintenance A series of interlocking rabbeted fits including casing and column provides permanent alignment and easy maintenance.

Low vibration Strong driver mount design minimizes vibration of pump.

Small installation space and easy installation Vertical pump arrangement saves valuable installation space.

Shipment of completely assembled pump (less driver) simplifies field installation. Minimal variety of spare parts By standardizing our vertical pumps, replacement parts are interchangealbe and can be provided with little or no lead time.


  • Max. flow rate up to 400m3/h
  • Max. diff. Head up to 150 m
  • Max. operation temperature up to 250 ºC