PT Bunga Harapan has been active in the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia since 1960’s. In 1976, PT Bunga Harapan became an exclusive agent for Shin Nippon Machinery Co. Ltd. in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry, focusing in Process Pump and Steam Turbine. Our client’s base covers both the government owned companies (Badan Usaha Milik Negara) and the private sectors as well.


In 2012, PT Bunga Harapan enters the Power Generation industry, providing Shin Nippon Machinery Steam Turbine Generator to both Independent Power Producer as well as Private Company seeking to ensure power supply and price stability.


Our goal is to provide the best industrial solution to our customers and our principals. Through extensive networks with prominent EPCs and customers in Indonesia, PT Bunga Harapan continually seeks for opportunities to expand its business across the industrial segments. Please contact us if you would like to partner.

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Our Office Hour: Monday- Friday 8:00-17:00

For Spare Parts inquiry please email sherly[at]bungaharapan[dot]co[dot]id

For Unit inquiry please email  hadi[at]bungaharapan[dot]co[dot]id

For General Business inquiry please contact fifi[at]bungaharapan[dot]co[dot]id 


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About Us

PT Bunga Harapan was established in the late 1960’s. The Company is focusing on Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy industry. Our main business comprises of distributing and contracting our partners’ products. PT Bunga Harapan aims to be a reliable partner in providing excellent solutions and fulfilling customers’ industrial needs.

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